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IN THE NEWS: Rwanda climate change resilience boosted with $3.5 million

Rwanda Climate Change and Development Network (RCCDN), a network consisting of different Civil Society Organisations operating in the country, has offered $3.5 million (about Rwf3 billion) to support climate change resilience programmes.

Supported by international development organisation, Trócaire, the funds will go to develop different programmes like environment conservation, irrigation, tree plantation, rain water harvesting and providing timely information about climate change to the population among others.

RCCDN Chairperson, Eugene Rwibasira said that climate change is a matter of concern for both the country and the world.

“Climate change is a boundless issue and is not the particularity for Rwanda but it is global. We can’t say that it is going to be terminated today, but we want to tackle it by focusing on prevention measures to minimise effects,” he said.

The project will run for five years.

Rwibasira said they will do different activities including constructing infrastructure in the next five years

“We shall raise people’s awareness about climate change, construct infrastructure, invest many efforts in irrigation, plant trees all around as well as encouraging population about forest conservation,” he added.

The Director General of Environment and Climate Change, Juliette Kabera said that climate change is among the issues of concern to Rwanda.

The Director General of Environment and Climate Change, Juliette Kabera

“Rwanda’s economy is largely based on agriculture and animal resources, sometimes the country suffer prolonged droughts or heavy rains which cause erosion and destroy many things. So, the government welcomes this network that will help face these effects,” she said.

She hailed the programme through which farmers will change mindsets and use reliable information about good planting season.