• Research and Advocacy
  • Communication
  • Ressource Mobilization
  • Adaptation and Mitigation
  • Environmental Protection

The planned activities are the following:

source link 1. Conduct a study on climate change effects on community livelihoods in the last three years
2. National workshop to present the findings of the study on climate change effects to community livelihoods
3. Mapping of all stakeholders and their respective interests and engagement with climate change in Rwanda
4. Development and sharing of RCCDN Advocacy Strategy
5. Workshop to train network members on the adopted advocacy strategy and to agree on advocacy actions.
6. Engagement with relevant ministries and other government institution and parliament (Agricultural, Land, Mining, Forestry, Water, Natural Resources, etc…) to influence policy
7. RCCDN’s Participation at the COP 24
8. Project Monitoring & Evaluation