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To Produce User Friendly IEC Materials That Promote Climate Change Awareness And RCCDN’s Visibility



  1. Background

Rwanda Development Organisation is a non-government Organisation founded by Rwandans in 1995 as a non-profit making organisation.It has a vision of sustainable development for the Rwandan community who have to enjoy a good standard of living with the ability to satisfy their  basic as well as secondary needs.


Rwanda Development Organisation (RDO) has received funding from TROCAIRE to support the Rwanda Climate Change and Development Network (RCCDN) wich has been identified as a solution to ensure the coordination of the CSOs toward efficient engagement with policy makers at all levels. The network has 26 founder members non-government organisations and brings together civil society organisations working in different sectors having a direct link with the climate change and related disaster risk management from the community level up to the national level.

To promote the climate change awareness and the Rwanda Climate Change and Development Network (RCCDN) visibility, it is planned that RCCDN produce different user friendly IEC materials that will be used for that reason.

  1. Scope and services required

The Rwanda Development Organisation (RDO) would like to hire a professional firm in printing of different materials for disseminating information, educating community members and facilitating communication in and out of the Rwanda Climate Change and Development Network.

The scope of the services required includes the following:

  • Printing of 500 flyers A4, full color on 150gr glossy paper both sides
  • Printing of 300 posters A3 full color, one side on 250gr glossy paper
  • Printing of 500 poster A2 full color, one side on 250 gr glossy paper
  • Production of 100 image boxes (boite a images) of 10 papers A5 full color on 250gr glossy paper
  • Production on 2 pull up big based (2m x 85)
  • 20 golf T-shirts and 20 caps with RCCDN’s logo
  1. Core competences and areas of expertise
  • The successful company / applicant must have the relevant technical expertise in the areas of production and printing of different materials enumerated above;
  • Understanding of technical design and able to produce the mentioned materials itself;
  • The company must give the full address for the communication purpose
  • Minimum of five (5) years professional experience, in production and printing of different materials


  1. Duration

It is estimated that the service will be provided over a period of two weeks from the contract signing date.

  1. Cost

The printing house will propose fees in Rwandan francs and VAT will be deducted at source as per RDO’s policy.

  1. Application process

Interested companies that meet the required criteria shall submit their technical and financial offers in sealed envelopes addressed to the Executive Secretary, Rwanda Development Organisation (RDO), KK500 BRALIRWA Road, P.O. Box 368, Kigali.

Envelopes clearly marked “ PRODUCTION OF RCCDN USER FRIENDLY IEC MATERIALS THAT PROMOTE CLIMATE CHANGE AWARENESS AND RCCDN  VISIBILITY “. should be submitted to RDO secretariat offices not later than 5th September 2018 at 3:00 P.M. Only selected candidate will be notified.


Done at Kigali on 25th August 2018.

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